Caledonia Hunters and Jumpers

Sealy, Texas



Boarding                                                                               $650.00/month

Full Training (5 rides or lessons/ week)                                $600.00/month

Partial Training (3 rides or lessons/ week)                            $400.00/month

Training Rides                                                                       $50.00/Ride


Lesson Program:

Private lesson on lesson horse                                               $65.00 or

Package of 10                                                                         $500.00

Semi-private                                                                           $45.00


Show Fees:

Schooling Day                                                                        $50.00/Horse

Show Day                                                                               $75.00/Horse

Day care (when applicable)                                                     $25.00/Horse

Travel Expenses (except local shows)                                   $ Split/Horse

Training Rides                                                                        $50.00/Horse

Show Rides                                                                             $30.00/Class

Hauling                                                                                   $0.75/mile


Commission on sales                                                              %10-15